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Your IT Security Guard Dog

There is no silver bullet to protecting your business technology. It takes multiple layers of security to ensure you, your business, your staff and your customers are safe every single day. 

DiamondIT is a security-focused Managed IT provider. We live and breathe cybersecurity. We know that just putting a lock on the door won’t secure your home, just like antivirus isn’t enough to secure your business. You need full protection, from the perimeter to the interior, and we’ve got you covered with SecureCentric. Keep your business information safe from cyberattacks with DiamondIT’s core Managed IT Security package

The DiamondIT Process

IT security isn’t a “one and done” approach. It’s should be a consistent process. But don’t let that stop you from starting. We guide you through the journey, helping you secure your business every step of the way. 

Assess: Using network security assessments and security assessments we find the gaps and deliver the best security stack to fill those gaps. The result: more protection for your company, your data and your staff.

Plan the Solution You Need: Your IT needs are likely different from that of other companies, so we work with you to ensure your solution is customized to protect what you value most.

Implement: We will implement budget-friendly solutions to secure your systems and protect your employees from cyber threat actors.

Educate: We help you and your team understand cybersecurity threats, as well as how to maximize your security by educating your staff to be cyber guardians of your business data.

Monitor Continually: Your IT security needs may change over time. We stay on top of new requirements and threats to ensure your layers of security are constantly optimized.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

How We Manage Cybersecurity For You

Email encryption

Email encryption simplifies secure communications by automatically encrypting messages and attachments, putting you in control.

Managed firewall

Our next gen firewall service provides the latest technology to protect your network from advanced threats with web blocking, botnet detection, intrusion prevention, reputation enabled defense and advanced malware threat protection.

Internet security

DiamondIT offers web and DNS filtering, which uses the Internet’s infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established.

Monitoring – Patching – Breach detection

Our layered approach to security includes automated collection tools that monitor and patch systems as well as actively hunt down threats. 

Dark Web scan

Our proactive Dark Web scanning solution provides real-time awareness of compromised credentials before identity theft or data breaches occur, safeguarding your business information.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

DiamondIT’s cybersecurity awareness training and phishing platform reduces risk of malware infections, data loss, cybertheft, and employee downtime.

Scheduled Security Reviews

Looking at your security processes and tools regularly ensures you minimize vulnerability and protect your data. 

We also offer solutions followed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology: 

  • IT Security Gap Assessment 
  • Dark Web Monitoring & Reporting 
  • Multifactor Authentication 
  • Network Policies 
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Penetration Tests
  • Compliancy Consulting for HIPAA, CJIS and others 
  • Mobile Device and Application Security 
  • Remediation Services 
  • Chief Security Officer Services

Why DiamondIT

Since 1997, DiamondIT has provided exceptional care for our clients. We’re passionate about providing IT support beyond what you’ve experienced from other IT providers; no exceptions. As technology evolves, we stay on top of it so we can deliver IT solutions that fit your needs and budget. 

DiamondIT can help deliver the secure IT solutions your company needs, both now and as you grow in the future. There’s no need to worry about the security of your network —call us at 877.716.8324 to schedule an assessment and get the peace of mind you deserve.