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Disaster Recovery Plans and Drills Help Restore IT Systems in Times of Emergency: Part One

Do you have a data disaster recovery (DR) plan?

Have you conducted a disaster recovery drill to make sure your DR plan is effective?

Whether it’s sophisticated cybercrime, such as ransomware attempting to steal data, or natural disasters that halt emergency management systems – it’s more urgent than ever for municipalities to protect their IT infrastructures and data.

Body Cameras for Police Departments Need Cloud Storage to be Effective

i-Cloud-ServicesSlowly but surely, cities around California are experimenting with body cameras on their police officers. Studies suggest that these have the potential to dramatically improve the relationship between the police and the community. It is a big decision, however; Los Angeles, for example, is weighing the hefty $57.6 million price tag for outfitting the LAPD over the next five years.1 Meanwhile, Sacramento’s mayor implored the chief of the SPD to consider body cameras to “restore the connectivity between our officers and the community.”2 That connectivity isn’t free, however. Beyond the $500-to-$1,000-per-unit cost3 of the cameras themselves, there are significant logistical issues to be worked out on the IT side of the equation: where to store the footage, how to organize it, how to keep it secure, and so on. In lieu of weighing down the police department’s IT team with several new headaches, it would be wiser (and cheaper!) to trust the right partner for storing data on a secure cloud.