You likely have IT security features on existing solutions you’re not using. That can lead you to invest in products you already have. As we work with businesses to set up remote work, we’re challenging them to invest smarter. We run an assessment to gain a comprehensive picture of the tools they pay, highlight security gaps and plan next steps to truly protect their business.

Start by taking a look at your subscriptions, apps and operating systems to fully understand what you’re already paying for and how to use it best. Start with security and solutions in Microsoft 365.

Overlooked Security Tools Built into Microsoft

Building solutions to be compliant isn’t the only way Microsoft helps you secure your organization. Microsoft 365 Business Standard users have access to basic security tools, like anti-spam and anti-malware protection. They can also selectively wipe data and monitor their secure score. But the more robust tools start at Business Premium. 

With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you have the building blocks for a multilayered security approach. On top of the features in Business Standard, you’ve got access to:

  • Email encryption
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Conditional access
  • Intune mobile device management
  • Secure Score

How Business Premium stops threats

Using conditional access and advanced security tools, you’ll worry less about information leaking outside your organization because you exercise control over who can download, print, share or edit documents. You can set and enforce strict password policies and require multifactor authentication on devices. When you encrypt emails, you keep the information you share between yourself and the recipient and can even prevent the message from being forwarded.  

Work with an IT professional to understand licensing

Talk to a Managed IT provider like DiamondIT, that has expertise in Microsoft licensing to know which features you already have access to. At the same time, evaluate your other vendor subscriptions. You could be paying twice for the same features or paying more for functionalities you can gain by bundling services under one Microsoft license.

Microsoft Teams is the Safest Way to Stay Connected as You Work-From-Home

Maintaining a sense of connectivity and rapport is harder when you don’t see your coworkers in-person regularly. Apps like Zoom had wide name recognition at the start of the pandemic but jumping to the platform is redundant if you have a Microsoft 365 business plan which comes with a free version of Microsoft Teams.

Because Microsoft has a process for designing solutions to be secure and compliant from day one, Teams is a highly secure way to chat, call or join a video meeting. Before Microsoft releases a product, it passes tests to guarantee it can mitigate threats. You haven’t heard about “Teams-bombing” because there are measures in place to safeguard the chats, videos, calls and documents stored in Microsoft Teams.

Instead of paying for a separate chat and calling platform, securely streamline your work in Teams. Call us to try the E1 licensing version free for 6 months. Our Microsoft Teams experts will remotely set up the platform for you. Call us now (877) 716-8324 to get started.

Every Device is a Mobile Device and Needs to be Managed

In the past, a baseline level of security may have adequately protected your organization. COVID-19 changed the game. Your employees don’t work in the office, and computers are out of your sight and out of your reach. In effect, every device is now a mobile device, and the only way to prevent threats is by adding new layers of security to every aspect of your business. This is easily achieved with the tools included in Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Security is a Moving Target –  Microsoft Secure Score Keeps You One Step Ahead

Threats evolve as your business changes and cybercriminals invent new attacks. You can stay ahead by regularly monitoring and working to improve your Secure Score. It’s located in the Microsoft 365 Security Center and updated in real-time. When you implement recommended protections or complete security-related actions, you get points that go into your score. You’ll always know ways you can improve your security and score because there are recommendations on the dashboard. The score and action-items create a roadmap your business can use to protect your organization and thwart cybercriminals before they strike.

DiamondIT is here to help you preserve capital and stay secure

All businesses underwent a fundamental change when employees started working remotely. You’re exposed to new vulnerabilities, and we want to help. We’ll work with you to review your secure score, check if you have any security gaps, and discuss which tools you need to mitigate the latest threats. Contact us today to schedule a teleconsultation at (877) 716–8324.