1. 20 Texas cities attacked by ransomware

The City of Borger, along with 20 other Texas municipalities, recently suffered a ransomware attack that disabled the city’s ability to conduct business. The attack was part of a targeted effort, and it cut off access to basic city services like public records, bill payments and communications systems. The city has been able to restore several functions without paying the ransom, but several services remain unavailable.

Many public entities such as cities and counties struggle to implement adequate cyber security solutions. DiamondIT works closely with municipalities to manage their networks within restrained budgets and long planning cycles.

2. Payment information stolen from National Baseball Hall of Fame shoppers

The notorious hacking group MageCart infiltrated the National Baseball Hall of Fame, compromising the personal information of customers shopping on their e-commerce store. Hackers had access to shopper information for seven months, beginning in November 2018. 

Online shopping is the go-to buying method for many shoppers, and SMBs rely on this revenue stream to compete with major corporations. Therefore, securing IT infrastructure is critical to stay competitive in today’s digital-first environment. To mitigate the damage after a breach, DiamondIT works with businesses to provide proactive customer care to ensure a quick and complete recovery from a breach.

3. More than 4 billion records stolen in the first half of 2019

A recent report by Risk Based Security confirmed what many people already knew: data breaches are increasing in frequency and scope. In the first half of 2019, there were 3,816 data breaches, a 54% increase from the same period in 2018. In total, more than 4 billion records were stolen.

According to the report, email addresses and passwords were the most sought after data, occurring in more than 70% of data heists. Dark Web scans are one tool DiamondIT uses to ensure businesses are protected from cybercrime. Check out the other features of our SecureCentric services here.

4. What is an UEFI attack and how can it affect your computer?

When powering on a laptop, firmware provides startup and hardware options. This firmware, known as Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, or UEFI, provides an interface between the hardware and the operating system. An infected UEFI gives attackers full control over the computer and can potentially compromise other devices on a network.

How can you protect against such a such as infection? DiamondIT’s Infrastructure as a Service option is one way. We manage and secure all of the devices on your network so you have all the benefits of security with none of the headaches.

5.  Are your out-of-office replies revealing too much?

Putting up an out-of-office reply has become a best practice for those away from the office and provides anyone sending emails to absent contacts with information they need to continue their business. Have you ever wondered though what hackers do with your out-of-office reply? Your simple message could be the opening they need to extract sensitive information or send phishing emails to whoever is covering for you.

Make sure your OOO replies don’t provide details that can be used maliciously against you or your organization. Security awareness training teaches your employees how to craft OOO replies that are safe as well as how to recognize fraudulent emails.