How Diamond IT is Supporting Clients During COVID-19 Information for our Customers COVID-19 Update
Need to support a remote workforce? We can help.
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How Diamond IT is Supporting Clients During COVID-19 Information for our Customers COVID-19 Update
Need to support a remote workforce? We can help.
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Remote work is here to stay. Many IT providers have not been able to provide good service through remote connections. Meanwhile, businesses are dealing with more IT problems and security scares than ever before. Remote IT support from DiamondIT is here to make work-from-home smooth.

Safe Remote IT Support Services from DiamondIT 

We’re still open and continue to fully serve clients and business throughout Kern County, Fresno County and the Greater L.A. region with remote IT support. For first responders, cities, police departments and other public safety entities, we will provide on-site support. We remain dedicated to helping local businesses find ways to ease the burden of coronavirus through remote work, communications and security solutions. If you’re looking for reliable IT support near you, here are all the ways we can help.

Pay-as-you-go remote IT support 

Prepay for a block of IT support hours and receive the same VIP service as our fully managed clients. Ideal for small and large projects, this á la carte option provides access to our full range of IT support services. We discount our rates when you purchase a block and any unused hours are fully refundable.

Check out some of our IT support options

ManageCentric Essentials

Get proactive support and the essential IT coverage necessary to keep your business running smoothly with our ManageCentric Essentials managed IT services. Whether you have 10-25 users or a larger 100+ user organization looking to supplement an internal IT team, ManageCentric Essentials provides core IT services you can rely on. Let your team focus on key initiatives, we’ll manage your cybersecurity, backups and routine server maintenance. 

ManageCentric Essentials+

ManageCentric Essentials+ adds 10 anytime support hours onto the core IT services provided in ManageCentric Essentials. The hours can be used for after-hours support or where offices are out of the local time zone and you don’t want to pay expensive rates for the monthly support you need. We provide a discount on the hours, saving you money on IT support. It’s our most popular plan, often used by companies with 25 or more users looking for reliable IT solutions.

ManageCentric Complete 

For businesses looking for a full-service IT department with unlimited 24/7/365 helpdesk support we recommend ManageCentric Complete. Pricing is comprehensive and includes after hours and emergency support. No sneaky add-on fees or costs.

Learn about ManageCentric

Reliable backups with BackupCentric 

Cybercriminals quickly figured out how to work in a COVID-19 world. They immediately launched new phishing campaigns and attacks on remote workers’ home networks. Without a backup, you’re forced to pay the ransom and hope the criminal returns your data. Put your business in a safer position. Have well-tested, reliable backups in place. We’ll design a solution to preserve your mission-critical information, applications and data. We’ll replicate your entire work environment so you can quickly restore operations in the event of disaster. 

Learn about BackupCentric

Securely Work-From-Home

It’s an ideal time for villains to strike. Who’s guarding your network? More companies are being exposed to new threats simply because people are working from home with poor security and IT teams are swamped with new remote work challenges. We are a security-first IT services provider. Security is a part of everything we do.

Don’t let cybercriminals destabilize your business

DiamondIT can set your team up to securely work-from-home. We’ll use an IT assessment to reveal weaknesses and then address the gaps in your IT security roadmap. We’ll give you every security advantage we can within budget, including simply turning on security features you may have, like multifactor authentication, device encryption or spam filtering. 

Have a secure communications and collaboration platform, like Microsoft Teams

You don’t want to invite trouble into your next conference call. Microsoft Teams is an invaluable tool for chat, document editing and sharing, conference calls, webinar hosting, video meetings and full app integration into your workspace – in and out of the office. 

Teams can also replace your office phone. Calling plans are affordable, making Microsoft Teams the go-to collaboration and calling platform for most companies with a remote workforce. 

Try Teams free for 6 months. Call our team of Microsoft Teams experts. We’ll get you access to the trial and will remotely set up the platform for you.

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Or Call (877) 716-8324 to get your free Teams trial.

Tailor security to remote work environments

Coronavirus has changed how you and your team work together. Take a moment to review and update your practices to keep your team, clients and data safe. 

Update your incident response plan

We’ve undergone a seismic shift in how we work. Use this template to update your incident response plan to reflect your new operating conditions and the current environment.

Run through table-top exercises

After you develop your incident response plan, test it. Use table-top exercises to run through 2 to 4 different worst-case scenarios. You’ll clarify who’s responsible for what, how you’ll engage with internal and external IT partners, and whether or not your plan will work. We regularly run table-top exercises with clients and can help you, too. Schedule a table-top exercise.

Set up cybersecurity training for your team

Your team might be clicking on things with reckless abandon. We recommend training employees what malicious links and emails look like to prevent a successful breach. After training, our clients see an immediate 50% drop in the number of clicks employees make on phishing emails. Training is conducted remotely, efficiently, cost-effectively and can save your business. Schedule cybersecurity awareness training. 

Lockdown network security

What network security holes have opened now that everyone is working from home? We can help you secure your remote workers and your on-premise IT infrastructure. Get a network security assessment to make sure you’re not exposed to significant risks. 

Supporting your IT remotely

It’s a stressful time for companies all over Bakersfield and Los Angeles. Whatever you need, DiamondIT can help. We’ll get through this together. 

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