Virtualization Solutions/On-Premise Cloud
Implementing Virtualization and Cloud Services for Your Business

More Power to You

Isn’t it every business owner’s dream to reduce costs while increasing productivity? Have you ever considered how much more efficient your employees would be if they had access to their tools and data from any connected device? Have you given thought to how much easier security might be if it were in the hands of experts instead of your responsibility? The team at DiamondIT feels that same way, which is why they’ve spent the last decade offering cutting-edge virtualized solutions.

How can virtualization help your business?

Virtualization in technology is when a system or application runs not on a specific piece of hardware in a specific location, but rather in a digitized, “virtual” environment. The implications of such technology are enormous. Just consider…
  • Your remote workers being able to access a local server at any time.
  • Internet-based applications streamlining entire components of your workflow.
  • Safe and secure cloud-based storage backing up data on a daily basis.
  • A disaster recovery solution that keeps your business operating even in the event of catastrophe.
  • Zero downtime in the event of a local hardware failure.
The potential with virtualization is nearly limitless. That said, you need a partner like DiamondIT to make sure your cloud-based deployments set you up for success, not failure. While other providers may offer cloud-based solutions, DiamondIT has been serving businesses Central Valley to Northern LA for over a decade, bringing the power of the cloud to organizations large and small.

Why turn to DiamondIT for your virtual solutions?

Understanding how virtualization from DiamondIT can work for your business starts with understanding what’s great about virtualization in the first place. Consider the following benefits of DiamondIT virtualized or cloud-based solutions:
In many cases, cloud-based solutions are more secure, and are impervious to external threats, by virtue of being served from virtual environments with more highly-fortified infrastructure. For example, business-class cloud providers offer enterprise firewalling and cloud-based load balancers to greatly reduce the chance of intrusion or attack.
If your in-house server has an interruption event, your business is stopped in its tracks. What is the cost to repair the issue? What is the cost of lost uptime in terms of revenue and brand reputation? With virtualized instances and cloud-based applications, downtime is greatly reduced, and you can have the peace of mind that you’ll be able to work at all times.
More often than not, data sets and applications from different cloud service providers can be tied together to deliver a more powerful user experience. From integrating SalesForce with Quickbooks to combining Exchange with SAP, cloud services give you the flexibility to join systems that previously may have been incompatible.
Virtualized applications, whether on premise or hosted off-site, give employees and customers alike the ability to access critical information and services from any connected device in the world. It could be a fixed workstation or a mobile device — most cloud-based applications are designed to serve users in a variety of formats across a number of devices.

For most businesses, the challenge isn’t in deciding to move to virtualized and cloud applications, but rather it is in finding the right path to get there. How do you choose which applications are right for your team? How do you make sure they are secure and work together? How do you migrate legacy data and train employees on new processes and procedures? You need an IT partner experienced not just with virtualization, but also with migrations and advanced deployments.

DiamondIT is here to help

DiamondIT offers a unique IT perspective to clients all across Central & Southern California. Understanding how different virtual solutions and cloud-based services work together is key to finding the right solution, the most powerful solution, for your thriving enterprise. Thankfully, the experts at DiamondIT have deployed hundreds of on-premise cloud solutions in the last decade, meaning their experience is your gain. With DiamondIT, a wealth of cloud and virtualization expertise is at the ready for you. Call 877.716.8324 to speak with the experts at DiamondIT about moving from in-house technology to more powerful, more secure, and more scalable cloud solutions!