Putting a Deadbolt in Front of Your Network
Enhance Security with Best-in-Class Solutions

Locked down and ready to work

All businesses have one thing in common. Whether large or small, new or old, your organization must remain secure if you are to exist at all. At DiamondIT, we’ve yet to talk to a client or prospective client that doesn’t list security as a top priority. They all understand that the impact of a security breach is hard to overstate: lost data, stolen information, degraded trust from your clients and customers.

The reality is that security is difficult. Do you have the expertise and experience to keep your business safe while also finding time to run your business? We do. DiamondIT is expert at securing IT infrastructures for organizations of all sizes.

How DiamondIT Provides World-Class Security Solutions
We’ve helped public institutions and agencies, small businesses, non-profits, and large organizations in the following ways:
  • Network assessments – Understanding where current vulnerabilities exist is the first step to making your security rock solid. Scoping your current hardware infrastructure and your current software is key to knowing how bad actors can gain access—and knowing how to address those points of intrusion.
  • Enhanced security infrastructure – Your hardware—from routers and switches to workstations—are the home of the most common vulnerabilities on your network. Ensuring that this hardware is fortified against external threats is key to keeping malicious threats at bay.
  • Network monitoring and management – Once your network is secured, it must be monitored and maintained at all times. Hackers don’t take a break, and your network shouldn’t, either. Tools and systems that scan for threats constantly are a requirement if your infrastructure is to remain secure. But instead of shouldering this burden yourselves, DiamondIT lets you focus on your work while leaving management and monitoring to us.
  • Penetration testing – One of the smartest things you can do is guard against every known threat out there. Penetration testing simulates unauthorized entry into your network to uncover any points of vulnerability. Once these points are identified, we can address them by taking appropriate security measures.
  • Threat mitigation technology – Locking down your hardware and keeping an eye on your network is a good start. But malware scans and continuous evaluation of the environment provide even greater system integrity and threat prevention. Through infrastructure management and regular assessments, these threats can be greatly reduced.
There are threats all around you, and they are real. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone when it comes to fortifying your network against those that would do you and your business harm. DiamondIT can help deliver the secure IT solutions your company needs, both now and as you grow in the future. There’s no need to worry about the security of your network—call us at 877.716.8324 to get the peace of mind you deserve.