Network Infrastructure Switching and Routing
Network Infrastructure as the Core of your Organization

The Backbone of Your Business

When you think of the technology needed to power a successful business, it’s easy to focus on applications, workstations, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. And why not? These are the tools that employees interact with and use to communicate, connect with clients, provide services, and keep your business moving in the right direction. All too often we overlook the network itself. Yet the switches, routers, and cables that connect all these different pieces create the actual infrastructure vital to business success. It’s not enough to have great hardware, if it doesn’t work to complement the rest of the network. That’s why you need the experts at DiamondIT, bringing all the components together into one powerful system.

Your Network Should Be a Tool To Do Great Things
Your network isn’t just about the work you do today. It’s also about how you will grow and scale into the future. That said, not every organization knows what a powerful network looks like or how it should perform. What does a great network infrastructure look like?
Your network stands watch over the data and business intelligence your business relies upon. From firewalls to wireless access points, to managed switches to routers, the configuration and construction of your network will in large part determine how vulnerable your organization is to hackers, malware, and other unforeseen threats.
It’s one thing to set up an office when you’re just starting. Computers connect to the internet and a shared printer. VoIP phones are plugged in to the patch-panel and find their way to connectivity. But what happens when your business grows? What happens when you add more devices, more employees, and more locations? The design and deployment of your network is critical to operational performance — not just today, but as you grow into the future. Proper planning now will help avoid costly results later.
Imagine laptops and tablets as cars on a road, delivering information from one place to another. Now imagine the routers, cables and switches of the network as the on-ramps, traffic signals, and superhighways needed to ensure a successful journey. What happens if there is a “traffic jam” and delivery of this data slows? What happens if it goes to the wrong place or in the wrong direction? Your network architecture determines the speed and success with which your data, employees, and systems connect as you serve your clients.

Security, scalability, and speed with a network from DiamondIT

The team at DiamondIT delivers on the promise of a powerful network through expertise and experience. With DiamondIT, you receive the following benefits:
  • A consultative approach to design a network that fits your specific business needs and budget.
  • An expert team that understands the complexity of network deployments and how to avoid business interruption during integration.
  • Relationships with hardware and software vendors that give your organization access to best-in-class solutions at excellent prices–such as Cisco, HP, and Watchguard.
It’s not enough to know how important your network infrastructure is to the success of your business. You need a way to take action and get results. To truly deliver on the promise of your business with a powerful infrastructure you need DiamondIT. We have planned, deployed, and managed networks across Central & Southern California in a wide range of sectors. Is security important to you? Are you interested in being able to grow in the future? Is it vital that your employees have access to the tools and data they need to perform their jobs? If so, call 877.716.8324 to learn how DiamondIT can help deploy a network that strengthens the core of your organization!