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Enhance Document Efficiency with DiamondIT's Multi-Function Products
Part of running a successful business is having all the right equipment. You can assemble the greatest baseball players in the world, but when it comes to game time and they’re standing around because no one remembered to get bats, you’re going to lose. It’s the same in your business. In order to fully utilize all aspects of communication technology, you need intelligent and exceptional Multi-Function Products (MFPs) to print, scan, fax, and send information efficiently.

At Diamond IT, we are proud to carry Toshiba’s line of Multi-Function Products as part of our suite of technology services. These advanced devices include a wide range of products, from high-speed color MFPs to super-efficient black and white printers to scanners and fax machines. They are precision-engineered to help increase workflow efficiency and provide exceptional image quality. Toshiba’s MFPs are easy to operate, control, monitor, manage, and maintain, helping take your business to the next level of productivity and performance.

You take care of your business, and DiamondIT will take care of your technology. No matter the size of your organization, the technology experts at DiamondIT are here to meet all your needs, and to help you work more efficiently and securely.

The Need For Multi-Function Products

For some people, printers, scanners, and fax machines may seem like a thing of the past, but they are just as relevant today as they ever have been, for every business. MFPs function as an extension of your office, uploading data efficiently into the cloud, becoming a virtual filing place, or storing files until they are ready to be printed, saving time and space for any organization. With MFPs, you can print all documents cleanly and legibly—including important contracts and schematics. We live in an amazing age of communications technology, but there is still a need for paper. More than phones, tablets, laptops, or computers, MFPs help combine the physical material of a workplace with the virtual one. So you need the right tools to make the transition from physical to virtual or virtual to physical an effective, efficient one.

How DiamondIT Provides World-Class Security Solutions
We’ve helped public institutions and agencies, small businesses, non-profits, and large organizations in the following ways:
  • They provide accessible documentation. An MFP can store your files smartly and accessibly, allowing you to quickly find them when needed to read, print, share, or fax. It’s a virtual file cabinet where nothing can get misplaced.
  • They secure your documents. This is especially important in the legal, accounting, and medical fields, where regulatory compliance is key. An MFP allows you to store documents until they are ready to be printed for colleagues, clients, or patients, which means there isn’t paperwork floating around or getting buried.
  • They decrease operating costs. MFPs reduce the need for costly file rooms and storage, freeing your organization to make more of that previously wasted space. In addition to reducing the need to print, MFPs also allow for more cost-effective printing and tracking.
  • They provide error-free efficiency. A misread order, a transposed shipping label, a schematic that gets misinterpreted: any hitch in legibility can be damaging to your business. High-precision Toshiba MFPs make sure that all of your printed, scanned, and faxed documents are clear and readable, every time.

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No matter if you are a small business, a large enterprise, a non-profit, or anything in between, you need all the tools available to help you succeed. At DiamondIT, we help you modernize all stages of your business, from cloud solutions to MFPs. Our in-depth assessments allow us to match the solution with your exact need, and our staff is prepared to help, anytime of the day or night. With headquarters in Bakersfield, we believe strongly in helping the Central Valley thrive, and are eager to bring our expertise to your organization.

High-precision multi-function products from Toshiba, as part of your partnership with DiamondIT, help make your organization as efficient as possible, limiting waste and maximizing productivity. We’re here to focus on your technology, so you can focus on what you do best. Connect with us today to find out how our solutions can further your passions.