Keeping the Keys to the Kingdom Network Security Assessments for Better Business GET STARTED WITH A TECH CONSULTATION

It’s no surprise that the top concern of most every business, large or small, is security. Making sure that your business information and data is protected is vital if you are going to keep operating. Imagine, what’s the real impact if client data was stolen or if your intellectual property made its way into unauthorized hands? The price of good security is nothing in comparison to the potential cost of a security breach.

But understanding the importance of securing your network and successfully securing it can be two very different things. Everyone understands the need to guard against intrusions, but not everyone knows what it takes to actually accomplish that goal. Thankfully, a DiamondIT security assessment provides a comprehensive roadmap to lead your business from vulnerable to solidly secure. We’ve provided hundreds of security assessments and action plans across Central California. From established businesses to municipal agencies, from non-profit organizations to startups, DiamondIT understands what it means to provide peace of mind so you can focus on running your business.

During a security assessment, DiamondIT provides the following services:
  • Vulnerability scanning – To keep your network secure, a vulnerability scan locates places where unauthorized entry may happen. It finds potential points of vulnerability or intrusion, giving you the peace of mind necessary to think about your clients and employees, instead of those that might do you harm.
  • Penetration testing – Simulating unauthorized network access is the best way to sniff out previously unnoticed areas of weakness. Our penetration tests not only try to access the network without authorization, but also track how we did it, so we can recommend preventative measures for the future.
  • Physical security audits – With so much technology moving to the cloud, it is important to remember that many hacks still happen when a person gains physical access to an office or work machine. Our physical security audits test on-site security as well as password and encryption measures to make sure the most common form of intrusion is guarded against.
  • Software audits – Another common point of entry for bad actors is the software your team is utilizing. Unpatched software or applications lacking current updates can provide an easy access point to those trying to break into your network. Our security assessment will detail exactly where and how your software could be further secured.
  • Future planning – What good is a report that details your areas of weakness if you don’t also have a plan to turn those areas into strengths? No security assessment is complete without an actionable plan of how to address concerns and improve the security of your network infrastructure.

In reality, every organization, no matter how large or small, should evaluate its security capabilities on a regular basis. Vigilance against bad actors and intrusion events should never take a break. With the importance of keeping your business intelligence and client data safe and sound, you don’t want to take chances. How can you know how to improve your network if you don’t fully understand where you are starting from? Call 877.716.8324 to learn how a security assessment from DiamondIT can evaluate your network and keep you safe both now and in the future.