The Backbone of Your Business is Your Network Network Assessments Provide the Full Picture GET STARTED WITH A TECH CONSULTATION

Making sure your network is reliable is about more than cables and routers. Your network is actually about how users interact with your tools, data, and applications to do great work. If your network is slow, then your team isn’t performing at an optimal level. And if your network is vulnerable to intrusion or attack, then your entire business could be at risk. Understanding how to make your network powerful and efficient is critical for your business as it grows into the future.

So how do you make sure that your network is a source of strength for your organization and not a potential liability? It all starts with a network assessment. Improving the network you have means having a clear view of its current state. And that view comes from careful and detailed consideration and evaluation of the systems you already have in place.

A successful network assessment combines the following elements to create a holistic view of your entire IT infrastructure:
  • Asset auditing – Keeping track of the machines and software you use can be tricky. Over time, new devices get added to the network and old devices are retired. Understanding exactly what machines are in use and have access to the network is the first step of a successful assessment. Knowing what software is in use and how it works with other applications and devices is equally important when lining out exactly what your network is capable of and how it is being used.
  • Design discovery – The design of your network is instructive in finding latency points or areas of weakness. Is your Wi-Fi network publicly exposed? Are all ethernet jacks accounted for? Is your circuit providing the speeds of service you are paying for across the entire network? A proper assessment will uncover the actual design of your network, providing insight into how your entire infrastructure can be further secured and optimized for performance.
  • Performance testing – Making sure your network is running at its optimal level can’t be left to chance. From latency tests to simulating a disaster event to testing speed of recovery, it isn’t enough to know the details of your network. You must also know how the network performs in critical situations.
  • Business alignment – Now that you know your network’s strengths, it’s time to make sure those align with your business goals. Do you need more bandwidth in your Internet connection or would a reduced amount–and lower bill–be the right choice? Is the software your team is using truly the best choice at the best price for your needs? Evaluating your network in the context of your business can pay huge dividends in a number of ways, from cost savings to improved efficiency.
  • Improvement planning – Once your network has been properly evaluated, we can get down to the business of making it better. Finding new ways to improve speeds, share information and applications, and fortify defenses means that your network can continue to be a source of strength for your business well into the future. This plan should be well organized and detailed, with timelines for hardware refreshes and a schedule for tests and future assessments.
Getting the most out of your business means having a foundation upon which to build. In today’s competitive business environment, that foundation is your IT infrastructure. How your workstations, applications, and data interact gives your organization the fuel it needs to grow in the right direction. With a network assessment from DiamondIT, you can be assured that every potential area of improvement will be discovered, and every area with a negative impact on the business is addressed. We have performed hundreds of network assessments for clients all across Central and Southern California. Call 877.716.8324 to learn more about how DiamondIT can help turn your IT infrastructure into the powerhouse you need to drive your business forward.