Exchange at the Ready Getting the Most Out of Your Email Solution GET STARTED WITH A TECH CONSULTATION

Regardless of your business or market, one thing is clear: communication is key: communicating with clients and customers, communicating with vendors and partners, communicating with employees and stakeholders. To ensure success both now and in the future make sure your message gets across loud and clear. The tools you choose to facilitate those messages can propel your growth—or send you reeling.

With a hosted Exchange solution, your organization has access to the most powerful email solution available anywhere. From messages to calendars, from contacts to task management, Exchange is a robust toolbox upon which to build your communication and collaboration strategy.

But getting the most out of Exchange isn’t a case of simply turning on your machines and hoping for the best. Exchange’s expansive features require proper setup and training if your team is to realize the vast benefits included in Exchange.

If you aren’t fully utilizing Exchange by capitalizing on these features then an assessment is most certainly in order.
  • Shared folders and mailboxes – You’re probably already familiar with your inbox and the other folders available in Exchange. But did you know that you can share folders and mailboxes with other people in your organization? Now, your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable mailboxes can be monitored by multiple team members. Your customer support and service inbox can be viewed by all of your support agents. Your inbound marketing email mailbox can show up in the Exchange accounts of all of your salespeople. Shared folders and mailboxes make it easy for your organization to never miss an important email that affects the whole business.
  • Calendaring – Scheduling a meeting can be a pain. But finding a time that works for everyone and an open conference room can be painless if you are using hosted Exchange’s calendars. However, setting up these calendars and educating your team on how to use them can take a little doing. Assessing your current calendar environment and then configuring Exchange calendars for your business’s specific needs will open new doors to collaboration for your team.
  • Rules – The flow of email can certainly be overwhelming. With properly set up rules, you can make sure that only the most important emails surface to your inbox and less important emails are routed to specific folders so you can address them later. An additional feature of Rules from Exchange allows routing emails to shared folders or coworkers automatically.
  • Archiving – Having your emails saved over time without having to keep them in your inbox is an often-underused feature of Exchange. Whether simply for personal preference or because of compliance and regulation requirements, Exchange can keep all of the emails you’ve sent and received stored safely and securely for as long as you like.
  • Tasks – Exchange allows users to create a task list that syncs across all of their connected devices. As simple as this feature sounds, the utility is hard to overstate. Whether sitting at your desk or visiting a client at their office, your action items will always be with you and their current state will always be up-to-date across your network.

With an Exchange assessment from DiamondIT, your entire Exchange setup will be audited and optimized to make sure that every part of the application fits into your business and your workflows. This assessment will uncover how to get even more out of Exchange, delivering an even better experience for clients and coworkers alike. With hosted Exchange, you’ve already chosen the right email platform for your business. Now, make sure you get the most out of it with a little help from DiamondIT. Call 877.716.8324 to optimize Exchange for your business.