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What’s the first step in knowing where you are going?
Knowing where you already are.

Do you know if your network is functioning at an optimal level? Do you know if it’s completely secure? If not, that uncertainty could be costing your employees valuable time and energy, while impacting your bottom line. An optimized IT infrastructure is the engine that powers your organization, enhancing your ability to get the job done. Without this optimization, you run the risk of being passed up by the competition. It’s time to figure out where you are going. To do that, we’ll find out where you already are.

Your technology and tools should be increasing productivity, not holding you back.
Whether you need to completely overhaul your tools or are simply looking for places to increase efficiency and security, the DiamondIT team can help. We’ve spent more than a decade helping organizations in central and southern California gather the information necessary to take the next step.

With an audit or assessment from DiamondIT, your organization will have answers to the following questions:

  • Capabilities – What can your employees do with the tools they have? Where are their areas of potential improvement?
  • Performance – Are these tools working at peak optimization? How can these tools be configured or utilized to further enhance productivity?
  • Resources – What tools are available but not being utilized to their full potential? Are there data or applications that your team can be getting even more out of?
  • Vulnerabilities – Where is your network most susceptible to intrusion? What happens in the event of a hack, appearance of malware, or a DDoS attack?
  • Risk Management – What tools are in place to minimize the chance of the most likely downtime, intrusion, and interruption events? What is the process for restoring the business if one of these events were to happen?
  • Internal IT Priorities – Are internal IT resources being allocated to the right areas of need? Is the strategy around the network in line with the work being done upon it?
  • Opportunities for Improvement – What is the long view for the network? How can IT deploy solutions that improve your IT infrastructure both now and in the future?
  • Business Alignment – Is the network being improved in a way that supports the business? Or is change happening, but without the improvement?

Why DiamondIT’s audits and assessments are a cut above the rest:

An IT assessment isn’t just for fast-growing companies or large enterprises — every business’ network should be functioning with the highest level of efficiency possible. With an audit or assessment from DiamondIT you will receive:

Getting an accurate view of your current infrastructure is the first step in a successful assessment. Auditing and examining existing assets and processes gives the DiamondIT team a starting point from which to work.
Instead of a report full of raw data converted into unintelligible graphs and charts, DiamondIT studies your workflows and incorporates your business objectives into the assessment to provide an actionable plan with which to move forward
When the assessment is complete, your organization will not only have a complete understanding of how your network is operating, but also suggestions for areas of improvement and a detailed plan of how to accomplish your IT goals.

Types of Assessments We Offer:

Ready to get started with the most comprehensive assessment possible?

Anyone can offer you diagnostics of the design, security, and performance of your network. DiamondIT takes your assessment further, offering an understanding of how to optimize performance, enhance security, and get the absolute most out of your technology infrastructure both now and in the future. You can’t know where you are going without first knowing where you are. Isn’t it time to find a partner that can help you take that first step? Call 877.716.8324 to get started with DiamondIT.