IT Support Services
IT support at the level of commitment that you want

IT Support Services 

Your business shouldn’t come to a halt when your IT systems stop playing nice. And you shouldn’t feel bound and committed to a company you don’t know. 

DiamondIT offers Bakersfield, Fresno and Southern California businesses IT support at the level of commitment that you’re comfortable with. 

With the complete flexibility of our Pay as You Go á la carte support to discounted prepaid IT support service blocks, unlimited support plans, and anytime support hours with ManageCentric Managed IT Support, we have something for everyone.  

Find An IT Service Plan That’s Right for You

Pay-as-You-Go IT Support 

You have a small or large IT project; this is your best option. You can prepay for a block of support hours and receive the same VIP service our fully managed clients are accustomed to. This is our most flexible IT service option and provides you with á la carte access to our entire range of IT support services. Purchasing a block of support hours will get you a big discount on our rates and the satisfaction of knowing a reliable team is on call when you need us. 

Our prepaid IT support provides your company with a dedicated team and a service level agreement you can hang your hat on. You can purchase a block of hours and get started on a project or assessment right away. Any unused hours are fully refundable, and you get as much as a 15% discount off our standard time and materials rates. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know us and see how we make IT work for you.  

Cybersecurity Services

We are security-focused IT experts – not all IT providers can say the same. We offer IT security on demand: assessments, vulnerability scans and remediation on an á la carte or fully managed basis. If you need continuous, comprehensive security, check out SecureCentric, our 360-degree managed network security solution. 

IT Assessments

Get a clear, current understanding of your IT preparedness through DiamondIT’s comprehensive IT assessments. A network assessment will help you identify and rectify bottlenecks in your infrastructure and security gaps. The network security assessment will leverage vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and advanced threat monitoring technology to identify vulnerabilities in your current security posture. 

IT Project Management 

From migrations to penetration tests and anything in between, you can leverage our team when and where you need us. You can use prepaid support hours for IT project work; we just scope the requirements and deduct them from your existing support hours. Or, we can treat the project separately. It’s up to you! 

IT Consulting

DiamondIT’s consulting service gives you direct access to strategic Chief Security and Chief Technology Officer-level experts who assess your business needs and work with you to align tactical IT decisions with your overall business strategy. Our pay-as-you-go model means you can leverage our experts when you need them and let them go back to the CIO caves when you’re done. 

Managed IT Services: Outsource Your IT

Are you looking to take your IT support experience to the next level? Need a commitment from your IT? DiamondIT offers our comprehensive managed IT support plan, ManageCentric. This is managed IT with guaranteed response times, discounts on project labor, and a range of plans from pay-as-you-go, co-managed or our unlimited support plan. We have an option that is right for you! 

Co-Managed IT Support

Businesses with more than 100 employees need to maximize their investment in IT. Whether you need to augment your help desk or seek strategic guidance, DiamondIT co-managed IT support can work alongside your team supporting your initiatives and giving you peace of mind. 

How our IT Services Work

Speak to an Expert

Don’t waste time talking to a customer care exec who gives you canned responses. At DiamondIT, we escalate support tickets from the top down. This means the first person you talk to will be a subject matter expert. Your DiamondIT expert will assess the situation, identify your needs, then pass the support ticket to an operational support person who gets the job done right the first time. 

24x7x365 IT Support 

IT problems don’t strike at your convenience. Talk to an expert whenever you need to with DiamondIT’s 24x7x365 Support Desk service. Our unique top-down escalation model means you’ll talk to actual experts, not customer care.

Training & How-To

Struggling to set up your remote work-from-home connection? Needing to configure Microsoft Teams as a remote worker phone solution? IT systems are powerful, but you need to know how to use them to leverage their full potential. DiamondIT’s how-to support means that you’ll never be left in the dark. Our subject matter experts will guide you through the ins and outs of security training, learning how to use applications like Microsoft Teams and giving your team new skills in a language you understand.

Making IT Work Since the ’90s 

Don’t waste your time waiting for the right IT Support – it’s us. We’ve been meeting Bakersfield, Fresno and Southern California’s IT support needs since 1997 with expertise, professionalism and passion. 

Reach out and speak to a DiamondIT expert at 877.716.8324 and learn how easy it is to make your IT work for you.