Co-Managed Support
Turning Technology into a Competitive Advantage

Co-Managed IT Support Services 

Your IT Guy’s IT Department


For businesses with more than 100 employees

Many businesses hire managed service providers (MSPs) to get the IT labor, resources and expertise they need to function. Outsourcing some or all of IT can allow businesses to eliminate or reduce the need to pay for the many expenses that come with hiring full-time, in-house IT employees.

Many MSPs offer an all-or-nothing approach, working only with clients that sign up for fully managed IT services. That means the business outsources the entire IT function to the vendor. But, many companies don’t need or want to outsource all of their IT needs. Some just need extra support for their already-established in-house IT departments.

That’s where DiamondIT’s co-managed IT support services come in. This arrangement allows businesses to bring on only the IT resources needed and nothing more. Need a help desk? Project support? We’ve got you covered. 

What Co-managed IT Looks Like With DiamondIT: 

  • Expert IT strategy & consulting by a certified team of IT consultants
  • Staff augmentation 
  • 24×7 monitoring and management of your computers, servers and network
  • Disaster recovery, business continuity and managed backup service
  • Rapid data recovery service 
  • Unlimited 24×7 remote help desk support with fast issue resolution
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity services 
  • Remote workforce management and administration 
  • Support during migrations and installations
  • 5% labor discount on project work

Co-managed IT Solutions: How DiamondIT Empowers Your IT Team

Proactive network and security monitoring

DiamondIT supports your IT team to proactively identify and address network alerts and security threats before they become an issue. DiamondIT assigns a dedicated team to work with your IT team. This ensures you have the resources working with them who have in-depth knowledge of your systems and can fully support them in managing your network infrastructure. 

Managed cybersecurity and backups

We guarantee your security by helping you deploy robust technology systems and industry-best cybersecurity practices. We’ll also help you set up a comprehensive backup solution to mitigate data loss in case of an incident.

Comprehensive managed backup & disaster recovery solution

DiamondIT takes the load off your IT department by ensuring critical services such as data backups are monitored and tested on a routine basis. Our BackupCentric managed backup solution ensures that not only is your data being backed up both onsite and at offsite data centers, but also, the data recovery time is quick and your employees can continue to access the server and applications in case of a server down situation.

Network and security monitoring

Your IT team might not have the bandwidth to continuously monitor your network for threats. DiamondIT’s SecureCentric managed security solution frees up your IT team to handle critical day-to-day functions. We’ll monitor your network 24×7 to guarantee peace of mind. We also perform network security assessments to evaluate your cybersecurity preparedness.

Routine equipment patching

With co-managed IT services, DiamondIT picks up the slack. We’ll ensure that all your IT equipment stays up to date all the time with critical security patches installed, giving your IT team the time to focus on critical tasks. 

Documenting your technology assets

It can be a challenge for your IT team to keep track of the growing number of technology assets in use at your workplace. Not doing so, however, is a major security risk. DiamondIT can help your team continuously monitor and document all your technology assets. We’ll make sure everything’s accounted for, all the time. 

How Our Co-Managed IT Works

Talk to a senior engineer, not customer care

Our unique de-escalation support model means your first point of contact is a tier-3 expert who gives you meaningful support from the moment you contact us and directs your ticket to the appropriate support person.

Available remote and on-site

Co-managed IT gives you full access to DiamondIT’s managed IT service team. You can get both on-site and remote support.

How-to questions

Not sure how to set up a software solution? Need help checking your mail? We provide a 24/7/365 help desk to help you make the most of your technology. 

3 Reasons Why DiamondIT Co-Managed IT

Improve Your IT Team’s Productivity With Co-Managed Services

DiamondIT allows your internal IT team to focus on the larger, more important initiatives that will truly grow the business. Rather than having to focus on the minutiae of daily IT tasks, your internal IT department will be able to focus on large-scale deployments, optimizing the company’s infrastructure, and investigating new solutions.

Fill Key Skill Gaps, such as Cybersecurity

Your IT department is likely a collection of solid individuals who have a wide variety of skills. But that doesn’t mean that they’re specialized in every aspect of IT. There are certain areas, such as cybersecurity and managed security, that demand expertise – especially in the fast-paced world of modern IT. Through DiamondIT, you can acquire access to a team of accomplished individuals who have skills in every area of information technology. These individuals can serve as expert advisors, bolstering the already existing knowledge of your internal IT team. 

Analyze Efficiency and Reduce Risk through Third-Party Consulting

There’s a reason third-party consultations are so effective. Every business needs an outside perspective: a third-party partner objectively analyzes the company’s current IT structure and recommends areas for improvement. Not only can DiamondIT aid you in the restructuring and rebuilding of your current IT system, but DiamondIT also can give you more information on the best processes and best practices for your business. By analyzing your existing system, DiamondIT will be able to identify the most prominent risk factors for your organization and give you ideas on how to mitigate this risk. DiamondIT can then work hand-in-hand with your IT department to implement these changes.

Reach out to us here at DiamondIT. We’d love to talk to you about turbocharging your IT team with DiamondIT co-managed IT support.