It seems a full week can’t go by without another headline about an organization getting breached. Whether it’s a new phishing scheme, a major malware attack on a city municipality or a strategic ransomware threat, the dangers are real, and the costs can be extraordinary. The cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve and as modern technology advances, security threats do as well. What protections do you need in place for you to sleep better at night?

According to a recent survey by ZDNet, IT budgets are increasing, and allocation is shifting in reaction to the sophistication of cybersecurity attacks. The survey findings indicate that “nearly two-thirds of IT decision makers plan to increase their technology budgets in 2018, and almost a quarter of them will boost their tech spend by 10% or more. The top technology they are investing in – cybersecurity.”

When looking at vulnerabilities, there are four main areas to focus your cybersecurity technology spending:

  • Identity Protection
  • Information Protection
  • Device Protection
  • Online Protection

There is certainly an abundance of options, and chances are, even if you’ve committed a portion of your IT budget on cybersecurity technology spending, you can’t possibly take advantage of everything.

Cybersecurity Spending is on the Rise in 2018Let’s look at some common cybersecurity solutions where your budget dollars will be well spent:

Multi-Factor Authentication – In a society where connectivity is a top priority, people want to access their accounts and applications from anywhere and on any device. Two-step verification is a method of authentication that requires more than one verification method and adds a critical second layer of security to user sign-ins and transactions. It’s an easy to use, scalable, and reliable solution that provides a second method of authentication to protect your users.

Cloud Security – With users accessing the Internet from multiple devices in and out of

the office, it is crucial to protect those devices and block access to your data before threats can reach you. The proper security set up can use the Internet’s infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established.

Managed Firewall – Firewalls are important for organizations of any size, serving as the protection between your internal network and the Internet. The newest firewall service provides the latest technology to protect your network from advanced threats, even while connecting to corporate data from remote locations.

Anti-Virus – Choose a hosted anti-virus service that doesn’t require additional server resources,

and is managed and monitored by an experienced IT provider. Anti-virus software scans files and computer memory for patterns that may indicate a virus infection based on the latest definitions of known viruses.

The impact of a security breach cannot be overstated: lost data, stolen information, compromised trust from your customers. Do you have the expertise and experience to keep your business safe while also finding time to run your business? Contact the experts at DiamondIT for an enhanced security consultation.