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Richgrove, a vibrant slice of land in the heart of Tulare County, knows how to bounce back after taking a punch. The city was hit hard by the Recession, but it’s pulling itself up by the bootstraps and looking toward a bright future. The municipal bodies and businesses of Richgrove know that to succeed, they must join the modern global economy, which means they need smart, fast, and secure modern IT solutions.

DiamondIT has a long history of success in the Central Valley, helping businesses, schools, farmers, drillers, and others maximize their technological potential while minimizing costs. As your neighbors in nearby Bakersfield, we know what organizations need to stay connected.


Richgrove Schools: Bringing the World to Tulare County


When Richgrove Schools looked for ways to improve the educational experience it provided to its students, the first thing district leaders noticed was the lack of fast internet connection. Students in nearly every school today rely on the internet to access the vast amount of information available on the web. Without an efficient, reliable connection, Richgrove’s children were at risk of being left behind.

DiamondIT conducted a full assessment of the school system’s network and found three key ways to improve it. We:

  1. Upgraded the library server to connect it to learning resources worldwide.
  2. Installed a software upgrade so that the system would work more efficiently.
  3. Installed wireless access in each classroom.


The wireless access meant that students and teachers were able to use modern communication technology in lessons every day, expanding their world of information and connecting students to the knowledge they needed to prepare for the future.

Industries We Serve

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Municipal entities
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Medical and healthcare providers
  • Legal
  • Financial services and CPAs
  • Architecture and construction
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Oil and gas
Richgrove is a small town, but it has big dreams for the future. Its schools, businesses, agricultural workers, and municipal entities can use today’s leading technology to prepare for tomorrow’s growth. DiamondIT is ready to partner with organizations in the community to customize new IT solutions and provide high-tech services to meet their needs. To learn more about how DiamondIT serves a variety of organizations in Tulare County and how we can best serve you, contact us at 1-877-716-8324.