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For such a small town, Ducor has a lively history. Its name comes from when its first four settlers – all Dutch – marked up their properties, and in the spot where the four met, put up a trading post. It was called the Dutch Corner, later shortened to Ducor. The exact corner is now home to a wonderful community restaurant, which is fitting because that sense of connection among residents has been a part of the town from the beginning.

Today, economic and educational success is all about being able to make connections. That’s why Ducor municipal bodies and businesses need the best IT solutions and tech services to help them stay connected and secure. As Ducor’s Central Valley neighbors, DiamondIT provides IT assessments and tech services to public and private enterprises all over the region, including Ducor. We provide the IT solutions needed to stay competitive in a changing economy.


An Upgraded Network for the Ducor Elementary School District


DiamondIT is a high-integrity, family-oriented company, and there is nothing more important to us than taking care of our community’s children. We put extra effort into solutions for schools, such as the work we did for the Ducor Elementary School District.

As a society, we have embraced innovation in technology, whether it’s smarter phones, wireless devices, or online education. New tools available to schools are improving how we educate our kids as well as how we keep families involved in their education. The challenge is that all this new innovation puts an enormous strain on the current technology infrastructure.

DiamondIT did an assessment of the Ducor Elementary School District’s network and determined that an upgrade was due in order to provide 1:1 wireless access for all its students and teachers. We deployed a solution that provided the needed wireless accessibility, and we continue to support the network maintenance. We’re thrilled to be able to help the families of Ducor enhance their opportunities to learn.

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  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Municipal entities
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Medical and healthcare providers
  • Legal
  • Financial services and CPAs
  • Architecture and construction
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Oil and gas
Being connected in today’s world means having the ability to compete now and grow tomorrow. Ducor’s schools, farms, businesses, and municipal entities need the best IT solutions to do this, and Diamond IT would be proud to partner with you to customize solutions and tech services to meet your needs. Contact us at 1-877-716-8324, to learn how DiamondIT serves a variety of organizations in Tulare County and how we can best serve you.