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Tehachapi is about being in the right place. In the heart of Kern County and the center of the Tehachapi Valley, this growing community has long been a key spot of rail traffic through and outside of California. The nearby Tehachapi Loop, an engineering feat through the mountains, is one of the busiest single-track lines in the world. With so much coming and going, it is easy to see why communication and connection are so important in Tehachapi. Its growth demands more IT solutions, and DiamondIT is proud to be Tehachapi’s technological partner.

From our home in Bakersfield, we know what it takes for municipalities in and around the Central Valley to succeed. We’re Tehachapi’s neighbor, and we want to help public and private organizations have the technology solutions they need to compete and thrive in a world of instant communication. We offer cloud services and professional business solutions to keep the lines moving, and we have direct experience working with the people of Tehachapi.

Emergency Response: DiamondIT Gets Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District Back Up and Running

DiamondIT helps connect those in the medical fields with the applications and technology infrastructure needed for proper practice management. This entails secure, HIPAA-compliant communication with patients and practitioners, and VoIP systems that allow for a more efficient and responsive medical business. With our fast response time and commitment to getting the job done right, we are also who Tehachapi Valley’s medical team turns to during a crisis.

The Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District is one of the largest hospitals in the area. Handling more than 11,000 emergency cases a year and 200 inpatient procedures, the 200 employees there need their IT to be working at all times. When the district’s Microsoft Exchange server went down, and staff members had trouble communicating with each other, IT manager Dusty Colvard called DiamondIT. Within hours, our team worked with him to get the server back up and running so the hospital could continue to fulfill its vital functions. Today, we continue to do the district’s backup and disaster recovery, and we are there as the “IT guy’s IT guy” whenever he needs us. We’re proud to be Dusty’s “extra set of hands” and to be who Tehachapi’s emergency responders call when faced with an emergency of their own.

Industries We Serve

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Municipal entities
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Medical and healthcare providers
  • Legal
  • Financial services and CPAs
  • Architecture and construction
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Oil and gas
Tehachapi is a city that knows the value of connections, and DiamondIT would be proud to partner with the city’s organizations to ensure they always stay connected and secure by implementing the right technology solutions for their businesses. To learn more about how DiamondIT serves a variety of businesses in Kern County, and how we can best serve you, contact us at 1-877-716-8324.