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It’s easy and fair to say that growth is Delano’s main industry. For years, this Kern County city has been one of California’s leading agricultural centers. Over the last 25 years, though, growth hasn’t only come out of the ground. The population has more than doubled since 1990, adding 15,000 residents since 2000 alone. This kind of remarkable growth has led to the need for better IT solutions in public and private organizations. DiamondIT is proud to be a part of that transformation.

As a neighbor in Bakersfield, we know that farmers, businesses, and cities in the area must stay connected, efficient, and secure. We’ve worked extensively with the City of Delano to modernize its IT solutions, helping connect it to the best technology and the connected systems of the surrounding communities. This saves the city money while increasing its ability to provide vital services to a community experiencing dynamic growth.

Upgrading the Police: DiamondIT’s Partnership With the City of Delano

DiamondIT has a long history with the City of Delano, acting as a primary support to their municipal IT system. Delano feels confident reaching out to us to help with ticketing, sorting out help desk requests, backup and disaster recovery, and all major projects that allows it to serve the community, such as virtualization, and implementing IT upgrades for the city’s city hall, airport, public works department, community center, wastewater management, police department, and animal control services. As Rosa Rios, the city’s Director of Finance says, “In terms of competence, on a scale of 1-10, I give DiamondIT a 10.”

One of the larger jobs we completed for Delano was upgrading the police department’s IT capabilities. The 2014 move from the old police building into a new one was massively complex and required skilled care from the IT department. No files could be lost. DiamondIT ensured the transfer was smooth while upgrading the servers to further enhance the police department’s efficiency.

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Delano isn’t going to stop growing, which means it can’t rely on old IT solutions in the public or private sector. At DiamondIT, we work to ensure that your organizations are connected, efficient, and secure. As a neighbor, DiamondIT is proud to assist businesses, organizations, and governmental bodies in Delano. To learn more about how DiamondIT serves a variety of businesses in Kern County, and how we can best serve you, contact us at 1-877-716-8324.