DiamondIT in Coalinga: Technology Solutions for an Oil and Ag Town Get Started with a Tech Consultation
There aren’t many cities in California boasting such a rich past nor claiming a more unique naming history than Coalinga. Originally known as “Coaling Station A” – before its residents decided to drop the “Station” and those pesky spaces – Coalinga today is a growing community determined to maximize the area’s resources while creating new economic opportunities.

While it’s true that Coalinga’s steady growth has brought many changes, what hasn’t changed is the spirit and identity of the town. Today, oil remains one of the dominant features of the city’s economy, but it also boasts a rich agricultural sector, dynamic small and medium businesses, and a growing school system. Coalinga’s most valuable resource has always been its people, so at DiamondIT, we offer technology solutions to help people reach their full potential.

For years, DiamondIT has provided custom, expert technology solutions for a wide range of clients in Central California, including businesses, schools, municipal entities, healthcare facilities, farmers, and the oil and gas industry. We’re proud to help people in cities like Coalinga get connected, stay secure, and have room to grow and prosper in the modern economy.

Providing IT Support, Network Security, Hosted VoIP, and Cloud Services in Fresno County

One of Coalinga’s neighboring Fresno County communities was recently looking for ways to reduce costs while increasing IT efficiency. Following our initial needs assessment, we originally planned to introduce cloud-based IT hosting as a “green IT” solution that would lower the city’s power bill and reduce its headaches. But then, in one of those little accidents that change history, a resident crashed into an electrical pole in town, knocking out power to a small part of the city. This minor crisis led city leaders to ask: “What would happen if a similar accident disconnected the city from the cloud?”
Our team devised an on-premise server virtualization program, which provides the same benefits as a cloud-based program, but without the worry of an errant car or natural disaster throwing it for a loop. We also installed two virtual host servers for redundancy to ensure the network is never offline.
Industries We Serve

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Municipal entities
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Medical and healthcare providers
  • Legal
  • Financial services and CPAs
  • Architecture and construction
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Oil and gas
Coalinga may have changed its name, but the spirit that has embodied the city from its beginning hasn’t changed a bit. Its citizens are always ready to grow, and having the right IT and technology solutions can help local businesses and public bodies get connected and stay protected. As a neighbor, DiamondIT is proud to assist organizations in Coalinga as they help the city grow. To learn more about how DiamondIT serves a variety of businesses in and around Fresno County and how we can best serve you, contact us at 1-877-716-8324.