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Bakersfield is a crucial hub for many sectors, serving as a metropolitan center with access to agricultural production that thrives out here in the verdant San Joaquin Valley. Of course, there’s more to any agricultural operation than plucking roses and ripe citrus fruit — the industry relies on a corporate framework, much of which is based here in Bakersfield and adds to our vibrant economic landscape. Add to that our strong manufacturing sector and healthcare system, and you have an economically diverse town bound by a strong civic infrastructure. DiamondIT provides the IT infrastructure that these businesses need to survive and thrive in Bakersfield, whether that means developing a network to serve the corporate headquarters for our rose growers, or implementing a virtual server to improve the network capabilities of our local healthcare providers.

Moving Businesses to the Cloud in Bakersfield


At its core, the work we do here at DiamondIT is about solving problems. Regardless of the industry you’re in, our goal is to break down barriers that might be preventing your employees from doing their jobs and provide technology solutions that allow them to do their jobs even better.

One example of this was a project we worked on for a CPA firm here in Bakersfield. Our client needed to upgrade to the cloud so the firm’s accountants would be able to access information anywhere, but they were worried about security. These CPAs met with their clients at offices and homes across the city and region, so they wanted a virtual desktop.

So, we moved the firm’s servers to the cloud. This allowed the CPAs to access information from any device while they were meeting with clients. Because the firm’s server was no longer hosted on hardware, it was less vulnerable to external security threats, and the CPAs didn’t need to worry about the server going down, which could cause them to lose important information they needed to do their jobs.
The portable desktop we implemented was consistent with the interface the firm’s CPAs were used to, so there was no break in service during or after the transition. Still, we are available when any of the CPAs need assistance. According to Joan Bender, who manages administration for the firm, she has “complete confidence in DiamondIT.” CPA Dale Bender added, “They have taken a burden off our shoulders … And we’ve had more enjoyment out of tax filing.” The latter might be our proudest feat!

Industries We Serve

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Municipal entities
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Medical and healthcare providers
  • Legal
  • Financial services and CPAs
  • Architecture and construction
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Oil and gas
Organizations in Bakersfield need an efficient IT infrastructure and a steady partner to help them solve problems that keep them from operating at their best. That’s what we do at DiamondIT—solve problems and provide technology solutions to make your business better. Contact us at 1-877-716-8324 to learn how DiamondIT serves businesses in Bakersfield and throughout Kern County and how we can best serve you.