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Towns don’t get much smaller than Alpaugh — this pretty piece of Tulare County is just one square mile — but its residents aren’t bound by size. Alpaugh was hit hard by the recession, but the town is recovering with vigor. Alpaugh’s residents have big plans, including reviving historic Lake Tulare. To achieve their goals, these residents need a reliable IT infrastructure and the latest communication technology.

To transform their community, businesses in Alpaugh need solutions that will help them operate efficiently, such as IT networks that are situated for growth and great communication tools likeCisco VoIP. The town’s municipal entities need the IT know-how to deliver services, stay connected to broader Tulare emergency bodies, and stay on budget. As Alpaugh’s neighbor in Bakersfield, DiamondIT has that know-how to help Alpaugh reach its fullest potential.

A New Phone System for the Alpaugh Unified School District


For DiamondIT, helping our clients doesn’t just mean installing a few switches and walking away. And when we served the Alpaugh Unified School District, we were available to help at every step. The district, which educates nearly 500 students in grades K-12 at five schools, had two problems: 1) They had an antiquated phone system that needed updating, and 2) they didn’t have the funds to pay for a fix.

After consulting with the district, we reached out to a network of potential donors and community leaders in the region to find a source of funding. Our experts worked with the school district to obtain a grant so we could bring its phone system into the 21st century and provide the students and families with the services they needed.

DiamondIT set up a newCisco VoIP phone system, which facilitates efficient and easy communication within and between schools, meaning teachers and faculty can focus on what’s important: teaching.

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Alpaugh is a small town, but that doesn’t reflect the size of it dreams. Its schools, businesses, agricultural workers, and municipal entities use today’s leading technology to prepare for tomorrow’s growth. DiamondIT is ready to partner with organizations in the community to customize new IT solutions and provide high-tech services to meet their unique needs. Contact us at 1-877-716-8324. to learn how DiamondIT serves a variety of organizations in Tulare County and how we can best serve you.