Non-Profit Organization
Powerful IT Solutions for Non-Profit-Organizations

A Helping Hand

Every positive change starts with one person thinking, “this should be different.” That one person with one voice can gain momentum and become a cause, a movement, a real chance to change the world. As a nonprofit organization, you’ve committed yourself to trying to make a change. Do you have the tools you need to succeed in that mission?

Whatever the mission or cause of your nonprofit, your commitment to changing the world around you is noble. Yet despite your high aspirations, you still must contend with the cumbersome realities and requirements of running a business. The team at DiamondIT wants you to know that we understand…and we can help. After working with nonprofit organizations all across Central and Southern California, DiamondIT has the knowledge base and experience to help make your network a key component in your success.

From budget challenges to poor support, from needing access to tools to advocating your message, your IT infrastructure should help you further your mission–not hold you back. Do you have the right partner to make that a reality? Are you getting the support you need to be at your best? If not, you need DiamondIT.

Partnering with DiamondIT means turning your network in to a powerful tool

With DiamondIT supporting your organization, you will receive the full benefit of:
  • Complete discovery process and assessment of your current network. DiamondIT can perform a full network assessment of your current IT infrastructure. This assessment will reveal areas of potential improvement, security vulnerabilities, and a complete asset list, giving your nonprofit increased efficiency right away.
  • 24/7/365 management, monitoring, and support of your IT infrastructure. Your cause is important, and your IT partner should understand that. With DiamondIT, you’ll have support twenty-four hours a day for any technical issue you run into. When your nonprofit is in the middle of fundraising or bracing for a big announcement, you can be sure your network will be running at full speed.
  • Access to cloud solutions for key applications and tools. From SAGE to ChildPlus, Abilia to Office, DiamondIT can host and support the software you rely on in your own private cloud. Increased accessibility means increased productivity for your team, wherever your mission may take them, through a powerful cloud solution.
  • Refresh and IT investment planning regardless of your budget. Your money should go to promoting your cause or servicing those in need, not be drained by your IT budget. DiamondIT understands the budget constraints often present in the nonprofit sector. As a result, their team can help plan future IT investments in a way that extracts the most possible value out of each dollar spent.
  • Workflow optimization to make your organization run more efficiently. DiamondIT has worked with nonprofits of all sizes to help automate tasks and leverage technology. By improving processes and workflows internally, human and financial resources are freed up to focus on more mission-critical activities.
DiamondIT understands that your time is better spent focused on your mission or cause. Every minute you or your team spends struggling with your network is precious time you’ll never get back. Having DiamondIT as a partner in your success means more time working on what you are passionate about, while letting the experts manage your network behind the scenes. Call 877.716.8324 for a consultation about how DiamondIT’s team of experienced engineers can help your cause promote even greater change!