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Talk of the Town

Keeping the infrastructure of towns and communities across the country operating on a daily basis is a challenge filled with complexity and nuance. How do you balance limited resources and limitless bureaucracy while still keeping everything functioning? From small cities to large counties, the need for government doesn’t change, and the tolerance for downtime or interruption of public services is low. Serving the community is a pursuit that never stops; neither should your network.

IT solutions for the public sector and government organizations share little in common with their private counterparts. From complex RFP processes just to refill the supply closet to budget limitations at most every level, managing a government operation is a significantly more intricate endeavor. That’s why you need DiamondIT at your side. We have worked with city and county organizations and divisions all across Central and Southern California, and have the expertise to deliver robust IT solutions that fit your exact needs. With DiamondIT, your government entity will have access to the area’s leading IT service for municipal and state agencies. DiamondIT’s expertise includes:

  • Programs designed specifically for government organizations. Because of over 10 years of experience working with local and state agencies, DiamondIT has best-in-class solutions already configured and ready to deploy. Instead of waiting weeks or months for the right IT support and solution, DiamondIT can have you up and running in short order.
  • Keeping legacy systems compliant, secure, and operational. Many software applications utilized by government agencies have long since been made obsolete by the manufacturer. That doesn’t mean you should just abandon those programs for something new–not when DiamondIT can keep them secure and fully compliant to the laws and regulations by which you abide.
  • Refresh planning that blends new solutions with the useful assets you already have. Not every piece of hardware or software in your network needs to be replaced, but it does need to fit in with the new solutions you are considering. With DiamondIT, you can be sure that new equipment and technology ties in elegantly and efficiently with the systems you currently have and wish to keep.
  • Enhanced security features to keep you data where it belongs. Privacy breaches are bad news anytime they happen, but for government entities this can be even truer. DiamondIT provides enterprise-grade security as well as constant network monitoring to make sure your infrastructure is protected.
  • Expertise in unique related sectors, like law enforcement and public service. DiamondIT has extensive experience with different types of agencies and understands what’s important to each of them. From preconfigured solutions to custom configurations, DiamondIT can deliver what your agency or branch requires.
DiamondIT understands the challenges you face in trying to keep your team operating at peak efficiency. Old computers, a slow network, unpatched software…any number of issues could cause a bottleneck in the entire operation. With DiamondIT, you’ll be partnering with a team of experts who understand your needs and understand how to deploy not just any solution, but the right solution for you. Call 877.716.8324 to learn more about how DiamondIT works with city, county, and state governments to deliver powerful IT solutions!