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Head of the Class

In classrooms and lecture halls across the country, excited minds are learning the information, tools, and skills that will determine the future of the world around us. Is that learning experience offering those students everything they need?

With technology playing a more and more important role in the education process, it’s important to have DiamondIT on your side. DiamondIT has worked with California schools, districts, and educational institutions to deliver IT solutions that make student experiences better, and improve the process of school administration.

Why DiamondIT as your Education Technology Partner?
A “one size fits all” IT provider or consultant might be useful if you need new classroom computers or a data storage solution, but only DiamondIT has the education-related expertise that you need to take things to the next level. With DiamondIT, you will receive full support and guidance in the following ways:
DiamondIT has in-depth knowledge of E-rate programs, the RFP process, bond initiatives, and voucher programs. Successfully helping hundreds of schools in the past means DiamondIT understands how to navigate the intricacies of your funding process.
Receiving grants or funding is just the beginning. Planning on how to utilize those funds is another matter altogether. With DiamondIT, new technology solutions can be explored, tested, and ultimately purchased in a way that provides the most possible long-term value for the cost.
Accessibility across the network is more important than ever. DiamondIT can deploy a network that lets teachers leverage technology all over campus, to give students an even richer learning experience.
Protecting student information from hackers is only one part of the equation when it comes to security. You also need to have control over what content is accessible on the network. With DiamondIT, your network will be protected from unauthorized access from those outside just as you monitor the content being accessed by those within.
Rules and regulations around schools can be a complicated maze to navigate. DiamondIT’s experience with educational organizations and schools of all sizes means staying in compliance at all times…and keeping your funding in place.
From Aries to PowerSchool to Schoolwise, DiamondIT can support the specific applications you need to keep your school running smoothly. In many cases, DiamondIT can offer private cloud solutions where key applications can be hosted and managed by our expert IT team.
With DiamondIT on your side, your team will be able to focus on students and teachers, instead of wrestling with your network. The tools you use both in the classroom and behind the scenes will remain cutting-edge, without breaking the bank. With DiamondIT as a partner in your success, you can make sure your students are receiving all they need to ensure a brighter future. Call 877.716.8324 to learn how DiamondIT can help your school or educational organization continue on its mission!