Hybrid Cloud
Utilizing A Hybrid Infrastructure For Your Business

Foot on the Ground, Head in the Cloud

Do you want to move your business into the cloud, but have certain systems that are holding you back? Are you worried that old processes won’t integrate properly with fresh ideas? Do you know how to get the most out of newly available technology without turning your current IT infrastructure upside-down? With a hybrid-cloud solution from DiamondIT, you truly can have the best of both worlds. Merging your in-house applications with the power of the cloud can produce great results for your organization…especially if you have DiamondIT at your side.

Why choose a Hybrid Cloud solution?

Hybrid cloud solutions combine the best of both worlds. With a hybrid cloud you can continue to use legacy technology systems while also leveraging cloud services for other applications. Your organization will benefit from cutting-edge technology without leaving behind the network that you and your employees are already comfortable using.

With a Hybrid Cloud, you can:

  • Access custom applications.
  • Archive historical information.
  • Reduce complexity and training.
  • Continue using legacy programs.
…all On-Premise!
  • Store large sets of information.
  • Utilize SaaS services with ease.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Benefit from enhanced speed and security.
…on the Cloud!

DiamondIT also assists in integrating assets already invested in with upgraded technology.

The potential uses for a hybrid cloud in businesses of all shapes and sizes represent an amazing opportunity for forward-thinking organizations.

You can also select multiple cloud providers: Your utilization of cloud infrastructure shouldn’t be limited to a single cloud provider. Instead, you should be free to consider all cloud-based offerings as you build out an IT backbone that delivers the best possible performance, security, and flexibility for your team. With DiamondIT, your hybrid cloud solution will give your team the tools, security, and flexibility needed to leave your competitors far behind.


Why choose DiamondIT as your Hybrid Cloud partner?

Combining cloud services with services that must be kept in-house can help your organization achieve the best possible levels of efficiency and productivity possible. DiamondIT has been designing and deploying hybrid cloud solutions throughout Central and Southern California for years, helping both private enterprises and public entities of all sizes find success by joining cloud solutions with legacy systems.

Getting the most out of your infrastructure requires being open-minded about what is possible with a hybrid cloud solution–and to transform those possibilities into reality, you need DiamondIT. Call 877.716.8324 to learn more about how DiamondIT can make a powerful hybrid cloud solution work for your organization!