Dedicated Cloud
Does Using Your Own Email Server Still Make Sense?

Exchange Effort with Ease

So you’ve got an Exchange server and enjoy the control that comes with it. But everyone is telling you to move to the cloud. With the rise in cloud-based email offerings, is there a reason to still manage and maintain your own Exchange email server? Absolutely not! Not only are there a number of reasons why Hosted Exchange is the best option for your organization, there are also a number of scenarios where it is the only option.

A trusted IT provider managing Exchange on your behalf is a smart decision

Take your current Exchange server and turn it over to DiamondIT. Why? Because you know you need the power of Exchange, but understand that managing the server yourself can be complicated. And when it comes to a mission-critical application like email, you can’t afford even a moment of downtime. Consider the following benefits when you let DiamondIT manage your Exchange server:
  • Get up and running quickly – Adding users and creating accounts is made easy with DiamondIT. No matter the size of your business, you’ll be utilizing your Exchange server in no time.
  • Keep Exchange secure by hosting it with DiamondIT – Email inboxes and archive folders are full of critical business intelligence — business intelligence that needs to remain private. With DiamondIT, your email will remain secure.
  • Benefit from ongoing maintenance and support – Exchange is a feature-rich product constantly being fine-tuned by Microsoft’s engineers. Applying updates and patches is made easy with DiamondIT.
  • Remain in Compliance without complication – From ITAR to HIPAA to Sarbanes-Oxley and all points in between, remaining compliant with regulations and rules isn’t a choice–it’s a requirement — and DiamondIT will help you make sure it happens.

Why DiamondIT as your Hosted Microsoft Exchange provider?

With DiamondIT, you will receive round-the-clock support for your email needs, to go along with enterprise-grade security and full compliance. Even better, your organization won’t have to sacrifice the power of Exchange for a cut-rate provider. Having DiamondIT on your side means having access to a feature-rich, best-in-class email system without compromising in terms of service or taking on excessive costs.

Exchange is the preferred email solution for the most powerful businesses on earth. With DiamondIT, your business can also have access to this technology, without high costs or complication. Take advantage of having your own Exchange server and the expertise of DiamondIT at the same time. Call 877.716.8324 to talk to us, and learn more about how Hosted Exchange can work for you!