In conversations about cloud computing, people tend to refer to the tool as “The Cloud” which implies that somewhere out there in the virtual world is a single place where all data and online apps live. Actually, there are many cloud services available. In fact, the virtual world can be downright overcast with the number of cloud choices.

Cloud computing gives businesses access to data, apps, services and files anywhere, anytime. The problem is – what if it also allows access to anyone?

The Cloud especially improves team collaboration when a business has multiple locations or even numerous employees working on the same project in the same location but on individual devices. Teams that use social technologies like cloud collaboration tools have raised their productivity over 20 percent.

However, all cloud services are not the same, and secure cloud solutions are imperative. When selecting the best cloud for you, consider these key points about secure cloud collaboration:

  • Know what to expect from the cloud solutions
  • Understand how to protect your data in the cloud
  • Ensure visibility into your assets stored in the cloud

What is Secure Cloud-Based Collaboration

Your small business can increase team collaboration by using tools such as sharing and conferencing, instant messaging and single number reach to increase your team’s ability to collaborate seamlessly without location-specific boundaries. While this offers improved communications and deliverables, it’s vital to verify you’re using secure collaboration technology that will protect your data from a security breach.

The Security Benefits of Collaboration Technology

There’s a wide variety of secure cloud collaboration tools to choose from. It’s up to you to verify their fundamental security features to ensure you have the protection and security needed to keep your business information safe. Here are the security features you’ll want to look for:

  • End-to-end encryption – Guarantees data is protected with encryption and is safely exchanged between endpoints.
  • Secure sync and share – Automatically syncs your data, so files don’t get lost, stolen or deleted while sharing.
  • Compliance support – Small businesses need to follow regulatory laws and your cloud service provider should help and support your compliance.
  • Passwords and user-authentication – Multifactor authentication and multiple login options can protect your data with two-step verification methods.

Recommended Secure Collaboration Tools

Citrix Systems Inc. has over 400,000 clients worldwide and provides cloud computing technologies that allow individuals to work and collaborate remotely without being bound to any specific device or network. In fact, cloud collaboration is in such demand, Citrix ShareFile was just integrated with Microsoft Office and now allows joint customers to co-author Office documents directly from ShareFile.

Microsoft Office 365, another powerful cloud collaboration tool, gives users the ability to work securely from any remote location. Their tools include OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Skype for Business, Outlook Online and Delve boards.

Another collaborative tool is Cisco WebEx which offers secure on-demand collaboration for a remote workforce, partners, and clients.

Make sure your business is on the right cloud – Diamond IT will help you select and implement the best cloud-based collaboration tools to support your specific needs. Contact the experts at DiamondIT for a consultation.