Dedicated Cloud
On-Premise Cloud Solutions Provide Flexibility and Accessibility

Your Business, Your Cloud, Your Way

It’s a common situation: a growing organization is considering the benefits of a cloud infrastructure, yet remains concerned about staying secure and abiding by the law. We get it. You want to take advantage of cutting-edge technology, but legacy applications and policies are getting in the way and holding you back. Thankfully, an on-premise cloud solution from DiamondIT provides all of the benefits of the cloud without compromising the security and control you need.

Why an On-Premise Cloud May be the Right Choice
An on-premise cloud from DiamondIT is a private, high-performance virtual environment where your applications and data remain easily accessible to employees, yet completely secure from outside parties. This solution also leverages your current software licenses. What do you get with your own cloud? How about...
With an on-premise cloud from DiamondIT, your security infrastructure remains in place, so you can have the peace of mind that your environment is safeguarded from breach or intrusion. If your organization is already utilizing firewalls, load-balancers, and protected routers to keep your network safe, then placing your cloud behind the same security infrastructure can make a great deal of sense.
Many organizations face compliance needs that prevent them from looking to an external or public-facing cloud. Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, ITAR…the regulations by which your organization must abide may be strict. With a dedicated cloud instance, your organization can realize all of the benefits of a cloud deployment while remaining in compliance.
Whether it’s Federated Services or single-sign-on, Active Directory or SAML, group policies in the cloud can often turn into a tangled mess. With an on-premise cloud instance from DiamondIT, implementing and maintaining corporate control is easier than ever. DiamondIT’s team knows how to navigate complex regulatory and policy needs, setting your organization up for continued success.
Cloud services give employees access to applications and data from most any connected device on earth. Now, your team can stay in touch and remain productive regardless of geographic location. With an on-premise cloud from DiamondIT, this flexibility can be offered without compromising security — employees can still access applications and data, but do so behind the corporate firewall.

Why DiamondIT for your On-Premise Cloud?

On-premise cloud deployments can offer huge benefits for organizations of all sizes, but only if managed appropriately. Taking on the responsibility of managing an on-premise cloud should not be taken lightly; in the event of service interruption or a support issue, there will be limited external resources upon which to lean. That is, unless you have DiamondIT at your side.

DiamondIT will:

  • Examine your current workflow, applications, and infrastructure.
  • Consult with you on the best way to integrate cloud-solutions into your organization.
  • Deploy a complete solution that maintains continuity while realizing performance gains and reduced cost of ownership.
  • Train team members on new tools and processes critical to optimizing productivity.
  • Support your organization over time so that each and every tool operates as expected and helps your reach your goals.
With DiamondIT managing and monitoring your on-premise cloud, you will have access to enterprise-grade support and service without compromising security and administration. What’s more, DiamondIT can help implement and maintain corporate governance and policies so you can focus on building your business. DiamondIT has been designing and supporting dedicated cloud infrastructure for clients all across California for over ten years, and can do the same for you. Call 877.716.8324 to learn more about how to make your private cloud a success with DiamondIT.