Application Hosting
The Applications You Need in a More Powerful Environment

A Better Way To Use Your Tools

Are you moving in the direction you want or is your business simply treading water? Concerns about protecting sensitive data, remaining compliant with industry regulations, and not having a clear migration path to a cloud solution give many businesses all the reason they need to maintain the status quo. But why shouldn’t your business take advantage of the new power found in the changing face of technology?

Reasons for Moving Forward
Leveraging the cloud to power your applications isn’t just the next big thing, it’s smart business. From reduced total cost of ownership to increased flexibility, DiamondIT can help your team be more efficient than ever before. Still skeptical? We understand. But consider what application hosting can do for your organization...
From the physical security of the server to accessibility of the network itself, providing robust security for your network is more complicated than you might imagine. Hosting your applications with a trusted provider means regaining peace of mind, knowing your data and tools are safe.
Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have given employees a way to access tools like email twenty-four hours a day with ease. Your business-critical applications should be similarly available. Hosting your applications with DiamondIT not only offers this level of high availability, it also provides support around the clock. Never again will you try to access an application in the network from afar, only to find the server needs to be rebooted…but no one is in the office.
Latency across the internet has long been a barrier to hosting applications in external locations. Now, however, increased accessibility to broadband connections and ever-increasing connectivity speeds mean that applications hosted on the other side of the world can perform like they are being served from fifteen feet away.
Hosting business-critical applications externally means reducing costs in more ways than one. From reduced internal IT spending to saving valuable time for employees, the return on investment for hosting applications externally makes sound financial sense.
Hosted applications are deployed easily, compared to traditional software, as they require no upfront installation and have minimal integration requirements. Just contact DiamondIT and the software you need is only a click away.

Why DiamondIT for external application hosting?

DiamondIT provides a cutting-edge network to clients interested in hosting applications externally. Rather than simply offering a part of a virtual server for client use, we provide enterprise-grade security and around-the-clock support for all of your application hosting needs. Why choose DiamondIT? The answers are simple.
  • Simple deployment and installation. Hosted applications are configured easily compared to traditional software. With DiamondIT, gaining access to new needed applications is a simple phone call away.
  • Lower risk of system exposure to hackers or viruses. Security is made easy with a DiamondIT hosted application. Enterprise-grade security is included with DiamondIT, even if your organization is small in stature.
  • Increased mobility. With hosted applications, your team can access the tools it needs to stay productive from any connected device in the world.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership. Instead of having a critical employee called away from their core job function to diagnose and solve an IT problem that has interrupted business operations, let DiamondIT tackle all of those issues, leaving your employees to be able to focus on what they do best.
As part of a holistic IT solution from DiamondIT, hosting your applications in a secure DiamondIT datacenter means increased flexibility and cost savings without compromising security or speed. Your applications give your team the tools it needs to succeed. Without these tools, can your business really move forward to reach your goals? That’s why you need the best. Call 877.716.8324 to learn more about DiamondIT’s industry-leading application hosting solutions.
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