Cloud BudgetToday’s businesses are expected to forecast the future almost regularly. You may have a company that is growing rapidly and need to determine how much infrastructure you should implement today to last the next three years. Conditions can change, you can over buy or under purchase, and budget deadlines are quickly approaching.

Do you have a reliable methodology to determine what your headcount and resource needs will be 3 or 5 years from now? How much downtime do you really have and what is it costing you?

Product lifecycles are changing and organizations are at a crossroads on whether to move to the Cloud. With its inherent scalability, predicting your resource needs adequately is easier and can help you remain competitive in the market. An experienced managed Cloud provider brings a proactive viewpoint that looks at your growth goals and recommends adjustments to scale up or down accordingly.

Below are four ways the Cloud can help you budget for growth:

  1. Scalability – By design, the Cloud is built to simplify scale. Instead of buying resources in advance, you pay for what you use. As your demand for services grows, you can easily scale up without incurring a large, up-front investment.
  2. Reduction in capital expenditures – Why purchase hardware, licenses or supporting software as a fixed capital expense when you can purchase it instead as a service. With the right IT partner, you can rest easy that you have the proper equipment to keep your business running and performing at the level you expect.
  3. Shorter lifecycle efficiencies – Lifecycles are shortening because of more demand on resources. Everyone expects faster and better, and the server you thought would last 5 years needs replacement after a year and a half.
  4. Achievable expansion goals – When your growth strategy includes adding more office locations or merging with another group, the Cloud makes it much easier to speed the integration of technology. Infrastructure issues become simplified in the Cloud and the on-boarding process is more efficient.


Recently, Diamond IT helped a nonprofit client save $20,000 over three months by analyzing their expenses and recommending where the Cloud could provide value. This organization has over 800 users and supports a school that was out of session for the summer. By moving licensing to the Cloud and disabling those licensing services over the summer, they avoided a large capital expenditure and recognized substantial savings.

The Cloud is a well-planned journey that can bring you significant ROI if you do it well and with a trusted partner to help navigate through obstacles. The Diamond IT team has the experience and expertise to make all your cloud engagements successful, while helping you budget accordingly. Get started with a tech consultation here, email us directly or call us at 877-716-8324.