Do you worry about data security in the cloud? If so, you’re not alone.

Or maybe you don’t worry enough.

Sometimes, when you don’t have physical control over your data, you start to question exactly how secure it is and whether your privacy is protected. What business owners may not understand, though, is the cloud provides many security benefits.

There’s one serious caveat though: As long as your cloud service partner is best in class, consistent updates and new tools continue to make the cloud one of the safest places to house your data. Otherwise, the cloud can be riddled with risk.

The 2017 Gartner Security Predictions Study states, “the 60% of enterprises that implement appropriate cloud visibility and control tools will experience one-third fewer security failures.” The key word being “appropriate.”


Here are the 4 major misconceptions about cloud security, and why you’re safer with a strong, professionally managed cloud service:

  1. All cloud solutions monitor your data and keep it safe. The truth is your data is only subject to expert-level monitoring with the experts. Otherwise, you’re at risk. With a professionally managed cloud solution, your company’s data is being secured and managed by a team of experts strictly dedicated to reducing the threat of a breach. Their sole focus is on the complexity of IT security with multiple layers in place to proactively monitor attacks.
  2. All cloud solutions are encrypted equally. With a leading cloud provider, superior encryption keys are put in place. You need these complex algorithms and encryption keys to ensure data in the cloud is safe. Data states are also important to consider, and encryption should occur for both in-transit and at-rest states to make deciphering the data not worth the effort.
  3. Access to any cloud solution is always controlled. Not so. Access control regulates who can view, change or use cloud-based data and resources. Take Dropbox, for example. By not defining access policies, someone could go in and wipe out all your data by deleting it from their shared access account. There is also the risk of unauthorized people gaining access to sensitive data. Strict password security requirements, multifactor authentication and ongoing access monitoring are all critical.
  4. All cloud solutions eliminate the need for additional back-ups. It is true that a professionally managed cloud solution knocks out on-premise data loss risks from weather events and hardware malfunctions. But if you rely on free cloud storage solutions, there are still many dangers that would lead you to need a secondary, secure backup.

Rest assured that improvements in cloud security are evolving daily. And while nothing is 100% foolproof and new threats may always arise, having a trusted partner on your team is absolutely critical. Many companies implement free or low-cost cloud services and put their data at serious risk.

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