About DiamondIT
DiamondIT is excited to be your IT solutions provider every step of the way

Our Mission Statement:
By providing our people an outstanding work experience, our clients will consistently receive uncompromised quality and peace of mind.

At DiamondIT, we understand your business is unique, and the tech solutions you need to run your business are equally unique. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary of helping our clients fulfill their missions with comprehensive and worry-free tech and IT solutions, we reflect on our own mission, and eagerly look forward to the next decade, and beyond.

Originally established in 1997 as a hardware reseller, Diamond Technologies, Inc. grew by capturing large computer hardware and software contracts throughout California. As the industry changed, Diamond Technologies rebooted itself in 2005. The new Diamond Technologies, Inc. emerged as an IT consulting, support, and training organization, specializing in all facets of business technology with an emphasis on solutions, not products.

Continuity and a New Beginning

As part of our 10th anniversary, we rebranded and refocused ourselves once again, demonstrating our ability to keep in tune with the ever-growing need and use of technology in our community. Now, as DiamondIT, we continue to work with different and unique organizations to deliver technology solutions just as unique, and customized to every specific need. DiamondIT is a modern, forward-looking, technology solutions company. We value hard work, listening to and understanding our clients’ needs, and going the extra mile to make sure that problems are solved, or don’t come up in the first place. We are a community-oriented company that fosters a strong work ethic, values family, is active in our community, and treats our clients and employees with the respect they deserve.


Dedicated to Anticipating and Solving All IT Challenges

Our comprehensive technological solutions and experienced team help your organization focus on your core competencies without worrying about IT. Operating in an industry that changes with ever-increasing speed, the prospect of solving clients’ challenges with new technology that may not even have been conceived yet inspires us. Combining this with the opportunity to deepen relationships with our clients gets us energized about the future. Technology is always changing, and with it the needs of organizations and businesses across America. DiamondIT is excited to be your IT solutions provider every step of the way. Let our passion for IT free you to attain your potential.